Flexpair is a cloud agnostic infrastructure-as-code solution

enabling data scientists, DevOps engineers and UX designers to work literally hand-in-hand 🤝 from anywhere

Realtime co-editing as well as asynchronous collaboration styles have been seamlessly integrated into one reproducible environment. So your valuable concentration is not depleted by annoying context switches anymore. And everybody stays on the same page enjoying handover sessions for the first time. Demonstrate, collaborate, delegate, meditate, repeat.

Literally no one ever:
Average data scientist after breaking production:

But it worked on my computer 🥺

We: Don’t despair 🤗 Just get your team access to Flexpair! So they don’t have to blindly trust but can get visual confirmation in a live shared staging environment.

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Collaboration Use case 1

Realtime Co-editing aka Pair Programming

Handovers occur down to the scale of seconds.

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Collaboration Use Case 2

Branching and merging feature development

From handing over the task together with the reference environment to the review of the eventual merge request.

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Collaboration Use Case 3

Role sharing with regular shift handovers

Handovers occur daily, intra-day or when people go on vacation.

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