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With over 8 years of data science experience under our belts, we understand that the success of these projects hinges on efficiently sharing work packages between coworkers before jointly delivering them to the client.

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Our Values

Flexpair is for people who want to

Work independently …

Independent of office presence, fixed working times, being in the same time zone or even broad band internet connection.

and interactively

Transitions between demonstrating, realtime collaborating and delegating should happen without any interruptions.

Cultivate diversity …

Including unique perspectives created by ethnic background or the experience of dealing with mental health issues.

and consistency

Make everything reproducible through automation: From virtual infrastructure to software configuration.

Protect our planet …

Avoid energy waste where possible. Travel responsibly. Minimize computational and band width requirements.

and their privacy

Take data protection seriously. Collect personal data only where necessary. Always use strong encryption.

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